Monday, 18 June 2007

The final countdown

Only seven days now until we finally depart. It feels that we have been driving around the UK in ever decreasing circles, but I think we are on the final lap now. After a few days in London we are back at Dad and Sue's to add the finishing touches to the car. Such as sorting out the air-conditioning so that it does function in the middle of the Saudi Arabian summer.

I think we are all set up for our "gathering" on Sunday at the Windmill Pub. If we still had our house we would be entertaining all our lovely friends and family there, but seeing as we sold it- I don't think the new owners would be too impressed.

We head out of London on Monday 25th and sail away to Boulogne the follwing day. Once on French soil we are not quite sure whether we will turn left or right or just continue straight ahead. We have spent so much time planning the more complex parts of the journey we seem to have forgotten about Western Europe. I guess we will have to see where our four-wheeled camel takes us.