Friday, 17 August 2007

Turkey Part 1

Turkey has been outstanding. The Turkish people are very welcoming and generous, and we have been given all sorts of food and drink to share with people that we have met. It seems to be the way. Istanbul was well worth a visit, with huge mosques and other amazing buildings. We even managed to find a shop in a back street that specialised in Land Rover parts, so stocked up on a few bits and pieces. We had looked, unsuccessfully, for a couple of campsites, but ended up staying in a guarded carpark, although we didn’t get much sleep because it was a hive of activity all night long. It seemed to be the meeting place for everybody who was anybody, including the local Police.

From Istanbul we headed back west to get to the Gallipoli peninsula. This was somewhere I had long wanted to visit, as any New Zealander or Australian would understand, so was always going to be on our agenda. We arrived just in time for sunset over the Aegean Sea. It’s an absolutely beautiful spot, despite the history. We spent two nights in total at Anzac Cove, with a full day walking around the War Grave cemeteries, up a steep track to the top of Chunuk Bair, down the road past the Turkish cemetery to Lone Pine, and back down to the beach. Much to my surprise, we only saw about two or three antipodeans (but busloads of Turks). During the time we spent there I managed to get a much better appreciation for the situation the Anzacs found themselves in back in April 1915.

Since then we have crossed the Dardanelles into Asia, and our first stop was the ruins of Troy (and a quick climb into the wooden horse). We stayed that night at a tiny beachside campsite near Assos. The narrow cobbled streets were only just wide enough for the Land Rover in places.

We have also visited the ruins at Ephesus. Parts of Ephesus are still very much intact, including the massive theatre in the photo. You can almost see the Ephesians going about their daily business, reading their letters from St Paul. It is a major tourist location though, and busload after busload are shepherded through by their guides.

From here we head east toward Cappodocia.

Monday, 13 August 2007

Happy 70th Birthday Pops Bowley!

Sorry can't be at the party, but we're drinking to your health (and ongoing mobility!)
Love G&C